I was born in the 80's in a small town on the Oregon coast. I fled this town at 18. My journey has been about finding my own truths. 

I rode BMX bikes at a professional level in my late teens/early twentys for a number of years too few to mention. Before that I was racing motocross in my childhood with my family. And when I was a boy,  I was leaving flaming bags of dog shit on unsuspecting neighbor's door steps.

Nowadays I act, write and create. I make short films that   take long to finish. I live in Los Angeles where good men go to die like dogs at the hands of hookers and thieves, or however that Hunter Thompson quote goes.

 I read in a book once that indecision is the death of good intentions. Maybe if people had more defined purposes then the world would be a more peaceful place. Maybe public schools should teach children how to get to know themselves to pave way to this.

What I do is act, write, and create things. And I travel as often as possible. 



-Raced motocross from age 8 to age 14-

-Professional level BMX bike rider at age 20-

-Appeared on MTV's sports blender at age 21-

-Working actor at age 26-

-Currently a SAG eligible actor-


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COMMERCIAL tim@activityla.com





Tel: 541-921-7180


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