New Casting Directors, avails, and Callbacks

At the beginning of this month I had a great audition for a foreign commercial of which I was on avail for over a week. Always good to start out the new month with an avail. While this was happening I had two callbacks for other commercials. Then, I was released from that avail, and never heard from the other callbacks. Win, lose. I have enough going on this month that I don't think too much about it.

I am writing a short film that I was cast my cousin Charely patterson in and myself. Since I just finished a fantastic character development class with Jim Neib at Playhouse, I've decided that I'll play one of my characters in this piece. I wont say anymore about it but the character is very un-American.

Last week I was called in for TV. FINALLY! I had a very nice experience at CBS with casting director Greg Salmon and Sheila Guthrie for a soap called "The YOUNg and Restless." It was the ideal situation though I didn't get the part because i was called in again for another part which means that these beautiful CDs now I am sound in my craft. I look forward to many sessions with them.

I am currently enrolled in an improv class at Playhouse as well. It is a lot of fun and requires much focus dedication. In May I will go back to the technique classes at Playhouse where I will work to put up some plays that I've grown to love. I've been away from the stage for 7 months now and am missing it.

I will be keeping the finger on the pulse, and keep updating my progress. Thankful for the fruitful month of April.

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