The Kick-ass Month of May

May was a grand month. I began classes again at my honorary repertory theatre and acting school-Playhouse West. It felt nice to be back and I began the month working on a scene from Theresa Rebeck's one act play called "The Contract". I play a self important and narcissistic agent for actors. My scene partner and I got outstanding feedback from my lovely teacher Kathleen and also several fellow students. We decided that we will put put the scene up for the public sometime in the coming months. Stay tuned for that.

I had several auditions throughout the month and was randomly cast in a crime reenactment drama called "Unusual Suspects". This came as a surprise because I didn't audition for the show on any recent occasion. As it turns out, I was cast from an audition I did a year and a half ago that I'd completely forgotten about and from my current reel, which you can see on this page in my VIDEO section. Hallelujah!!

I had two callback auditions for massive commercials as well. These commercials each could buy me a house. The first for Liberty Mutual. The second; Home Depot. Though I did not book either, I did have nice experiences in the room. My current ratio is right around 5 callbacks for every 10 auditions. This is not bad, and I know that my number will come again soon.

Also in the month of May, I traveled to San Diego to see an old childhood friend, Vince Kroff. Vince and I grew up riding BMX together. It only made sense that we rekindle our skill set and hit the streets again, which we did. We met a friend of his one sunny afternoon and descended into a dried up flood water ravine and began acting a fool on our bikes. It wasn't long before I had eaten pavement and became bitter about bikes. Then, I saw a set up that I wanted to hit, and Vince snapped a few pictures.

This picture came after a few warm-up runs at it but gave me the stoke I needed to take several pictures, all of which turned out nicely.

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