Summer isn't Over in Southern California

Okay. June, July, August. Lost time. In June one of my commercials dropped for Bluemoon . I'll be sure and deposit it in my videos section. It has a cool feel and working on the spot was a load of fun. I worked tightly with the DP as he followed me through an exterior party-like scene dicing through crowds of people with a cold one only to clang beers with a little lady at the end of the spot, before product placement.

While I kept my stage stuff brewing at Playhouse West LA in July, I began writing a short film which is still in the editing process. I have the cast down already so writing it was kind of a breeze character wise. Planning to shoot in December or so. Also, in July I traveled to the Sequoia National Forrest with my better half and we camped and hiked. We had a mule deer rome through our camp the first night which and rightly so scared the shit out of Emily. I slept through it of course. The following day we went to a new campground. One so deep in the tall trees that my iPhone's only use was to capture these photos. Emily and I happened upon a a stream that came out of the woods and through a granite rock gully. It formed several pools on the way down and the water was so cold I almost didn't get in.

Emily and I celebrated her birthday on rocks that day with a bottle of champaign, and we paid the price slightly the next day because of it. On the way out of the mountain range we came across a cow pasture and I coerced Emily to grab some shots of me in my rancher gear with my canon. I've never been a rancher but I do embrace my "type". I'd planned to take advantage of the rugged terrain and had brought with me some cowboy boots and wranglers. What resulted was the photo posted below plus many more.

In August, Emily and I moved in together. We found a place by the grace of god about a mile from our work places and we adopted two kittens who's mother had been killed when they were a week old. As I sit and write, one of my cats sits in my lap purring. What magic to the soul having an animal around is. The two cats, since they were raised by humans are more affectionate towards humans and are very comfortable little creatures.

Panther and Chicken. A domestic short hair, and a Siamese.

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